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My family and I have been establishing roots in Bend since 1994; we are a tight knit family and spend lots of time together. I love living here in Central Oregon and enjoy all the wonderful sports and recreation this area has to offer. I've been snowboarding for 29 years and relish in the experiences I share with my son in the mountains. I worked as a Wildland Firefighter and owned a private company for 12 years but I realized there's no denying the power of bodywork so I chose to follow my passion.


My mantra is that self care is essential to the homeostasis and balance of the body. We all face stress and some of us deal with chronic pain which can take it's toll on our whole being. I believe that bodywork is essential in the wellness of our bodies, just as exercise and diet are.

I studied and graduated from the accredited Massage program here at COCC and have been practicing since 2015. I worked as the Lead Therapist at Anjou Spa until our tragic fire in Sept of 2016 when I decided to expand my private business. 

I am actively involved in my continuing education and apply various techniques learned over the years to suit each individual. I have studied with Bill Musser, M.S.,LMT and specialize in Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Sports Therapeutic Bodywork. I also have experience with lower back issues and techniques to relieve tension.

Kirsten Opie, LMT #21115

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