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Kirsten is a very special massage therapist and someone I think of as a friend as well. As someone with 30 years of massages behind me I can vouch that her technique is awesome. When you are ready to experience a true getaway from knotted muscles and stress, call Kirsten.

-Tim F.

Kirsten has helped me release stress and feel immediate relief throughout my body. Her massage techniques are superior to others that I have had and her desire to listen to her clients gives her an edge to understand what is needed to be an great therapist.

-Jennifer B.

Kirsten is a one of a kind therapist. For me, as a transgender member of the community, finding a therapist that is sensitive to my needs and situation is never a given, but in Kirsten's case a true blessing.

Being able to step away from the stress of transitioning for even a couple of hours is something that I look forward to and I consider her part of my therapy team and a dear friend as well.

-Marti E.

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